The world of men is under siege once more. Not by an army of the undead, nor a legion of demons. This time the enemy was already at the shore. They came from the water, nergling and spitting. The murloc tide has risen and we were not prepared! 

WhackAMurloc is a lane defense, strategy game that will require you to make real-time decisions and use tactical nuance to achieve victory. The action is frenetic but comes in waves to give you time to recover. The deeper you get into the game, the more intense and difficult the battles become. More varied and powerful enemies in greater numbers will force you to learn from failure and adjust your strategy to meet each independent challenge.

It is inspired by the original Plants vs Zombies and my adventures in the Warcraft Universe. If you would like to read the original backstory (it's fan-lore aligned with cannon), you can check it out here.

I built this game as my capstone project for the Michigan State University Games Design and Development Specialization on Coursera. It is the result of about 120 hours of initial work over a total of approximately 10 days (a little more than 3 weekends). All the design, development etc is a solo effort but, as I am not an artist or musician, most of the assets were either purchased or downloaded (Royalty-free) and modified where necessary. Check out the in-game credits for the list of artists. 

WhackAMurloc is under development and there are definitely some bugs! It still needs major balancing, but it took a lot of effort to get this far and I'm definitely going to keep working on it over time. 

Thank you for taking the time to play my game. I would really, really appreciate any feedback. I hope you enjoy slaying some murlocs!


2020/08/11 - v0.0.1

  1. Fixed pause bug on Victory Menu Next button.
  2. WebGL doesn't seem to support keyboard events on new Input System.
    1. Added Pause button to battles. 
    2. Added click exit to Credits. 

2020/08/17 - v0.0.2

  1. Fixed Assassin jumping bug (added rest time).
  2. Fixed Sorcerer getting stuck bug.
  3. Added level titles to scene transitions.
  4. Added alpha tutorial level.
  5. Reduced starting gold on higher levels. 
    1. It might be impossible now. Balance is hard. 
  6. Fixed disappearing cursor bug.

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